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BOOSTfit is a totally new fitness class

We believe that fitness is not just about your body but about your life too. This is why each of our classes is not just designed to work with your fabulous body but your mind too.

Many goals, one class, one BOOSTfit.

Every class has different sections to focus on your different needs and to relieve your stress from a tough day, week, year or more.

Remember we are a community that is here for YOU. We aim to boost you, the rest of the class and each other in a fun no judgement atmosphere.



“BOOSTfit is a big ball of amazing rolled in glitter”





Our warm ups do not just warm up your muscles but your mind too, the carefully picked music will inspire and uplift you with the moves to make you ready to take on the world (one step at a time). Remember it’s not how many steps you take but the fact you are taking the first one.

“I feel stress free, and incredibly happy. Amazing, just amazing” Cloe


Our stress bust section uses combat and martial arts moves that are suitable and adaptable for anyone to do (don’t worry no flying kung fu kicks across the room). This section will get out all your aggression, anger and stresses. Our carefully trained instructors are here to help you focus and channel all the negativity that life can throw at you to rid yourself of it in this section of class. This section doesn’t just get aggression out; you will lose a fair few calories here as well as strengthening your body and toning up.


So after all that stress busting it is time to let it go, not in a frozen kind of princess way (we have all had enough of that right?) This is the section where the music gets fun and the moves get funky. All of our routines are simple and easy to follow, however in our Boost classes there is no wrong or right. If at any point you go wrong it DOES NOT MATTER. All that does matter is that you have a smile on your face.  Note: this section will be fun AND you will also burn some serious calories here without even realising it (ok maybe you will realise it just a little bit).


So we have had the fun and this is where we get strong (and hey also have fun, we are not monsters you know) There’s lots of jargon out there for sections like this: toning, functional training, body conditioning. We call it STRENGTH. Strength is not just about the body but your state of mind too. In this section we use (optional) weights to build up your muscle tone and powerful music to bring out your inner warrior. Combined these will build your confidence and show you exactly what we know and believe you are capable of.


Phew what a journey we have all been on hey??? This is where we have a little more fun and bring our heart rates down. We shake off any lingering negativity that may be hanging around and get ready to stretch,   (warning this music selection will probably contain a truckload of cheese!)

“I feel stress free, and incredibly happy. Amazing, just amazing” Cloe


So after all of that we will be giving you a good old stretch. On our team we have an osteopath who not only gives us a regular good cracking but advises and tailors our stretches to each of our workouts - so if we use more arms in one class we can focus on stretching them out properly, safely and efficiently! Our incredible instructors also talk you through what you have achieved and how fabulous you really are because we think people should build each other up not knock each other down continuously, and our classes are a place where we “boost” each other up.

Don’t forget EVERYONE is welcome at a BOOSTfit class no matter your size, shape or fitness level. The class is full of every type of person and goal and we all support each other.

Many goals, one class, one BOOSTfit.


“Amazing class- cannot recommend highly enough.

Great class, great bunch of people...

Get yourself there.”

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