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BOOSTfit has been uniquely designed, stripping away all fitness training stigma, and injecting instead - Dance, Fitness, Fun, Mind, Body, Soul and Inclusivity for all.

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Every live face-to-face and online zoom class has different sections to focus on your different needs. We take you from surviving to thriving and we do this together as a community.

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We warm up your muscles, and your mind too, using carefully selected music to inspire and uplift you, one step at a time. Remember, it's about the fact that you are taking the first one, not how many you take.
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We use combat and martial arts moves, suitable and adaptable for ALL, and don’t worry, no flying kung fu kicks across the room! Our carefully trained mind and body fitness instructors help you focus and channel your energy, ridding you of all the pent up stress, anger and negative energy life can throw at us. You will burn a fair few calories and strengthen and tone your gorgeous bod at the same time.
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After all that stress busting the music gets fun and the moves get funky. ALL our routines are simple and easy to follow and there are absolutely no right or wrong moves. All that matters is you’ll have a smile on your face and you’ll burn some serious calories, without even realising it, too!
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Here you get even stronger, for both your body and your MIND too! You can use weights (only if you want to) to build your muscle tone, and we use powerful music to bring out your inner warrior, sending your confidence and your va va voom soaring!
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Bringing your heart rate down we shake it all out and off, ready to…
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So after all that we’ll be giving you a good old stretch. Our stretch sections are designed by our team Osteopath and tailored to the workout you have just done. Our fitness instructors will also talk you through what you’ve just achieved, and just how fabulous you really are; because we think people should BOOST each other up and that’s what we love to do!

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Remember we are here for you every step of the way and if you have any problems you can contact us on the Facebook group or pop us an email at