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Oh, we hear you; we don’t have fancy workout studios either! We show you variations and adaptations if you are in a restricted space or working on carpet. Our BOOSTme’ers workout in all sorts of spaces.

Our online membership can be weekly £9.99, monthly £24.99, quarterly £64.99 or annually £199.99

We do not tie you into any contracts whatsoever and make it easy to cancel at the click of a button.

We always ask you to check with your GP first, however like the answer above, we show alternatives and talk you through any adaptations. Remember we also have chair-based BOOSTs and a team Osteopath onboard to answer any questions.

Absolutely not, this is your workout and we want you to do exactly what is right for you, so you feel relaxed and comfortable. The same goes for uploading sweaty selfies; all completely optional.

We all have to start somewhere and we aren’t about perfecting the choreography at all. We ensure you workout safely and demonstrate certain moves for extra care, however, we want you to have fun and there is never any judgement. As long as you are moving and enjoying the music you are doing it right.

Oh, we really are not just about the fitness classes, the core of BOOSTfit is our community. We are a judgement and pressure free environment and most importantly, we are a family. When you join our online support group you are greeted with open arms. The joy of BOOSTme is you can meet people from all over the country…in fact, the world. What joins us all together is our enthusiasm to raise one another up. We talk, have fun, share positive stories and also, we reach out in times of need. We always aim to enrich our content by bringing in guest speakers and offering a really personalised experience.

Many of our members cannot make the live class timetable, so we have replays on our BOOSTme hub so you can exercise any time, and you can choose your own workout from one of our pre-recorded classes, (with over 100 to choose from).

Well, this is what we’re here for. We have an incredible Facebook support group, a team that are available pretty much 24/7 and our BOOSTme hub directs you easily to our email if you need help or guidance. We keep our workouts fun and inclusive and we have the best community. We also have a wonderful stretch and breath section and mindset tools for helping you re-focus and set realistic goals so you are working with you mind and not against it.

We cater for all fitness levels and throughout all our workouts we demonstrate high and low alternatives. If you don’t understand a move or how to adapt to a lower level you can just ask and we will pop a video on our Facebook group.

BOOSTme is accessed via our BOOSTme hub website so you will need an internet connection. We use zoom for our live classes and sometimes Facebook. You can access all of it from a smartphone, smart tv, tablet, computer and laptop. We are incredibly proud of the support we offer and have successfully helped almost 150 BOOSTme’ers get setup.
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Absolutely, our classes are done completely at your own pace, and the instructor will demonstrate low options throughout the class too. We pride ourselves on being real and relatable and we just want you to have fun.

You definitely need a bottle of water. Weights are optional, (no more thank 2 kg hand weights). Remember, you do not have to use them, we are pressure and judgement free.

We want to be inclusive for all and it is our aim that we bring everyone BOOSTing together regardless of your age, size, shape, sex or fitness level. We believe we are stronger together and would love to welcome you to our community.

As long as you’ve had your 6 weeks check up with your GP and you’ve been given the all clear, yes, you can absolutely join a class. Remember to taking everything at your own pace and listen to your body… and huge congratulations on your new arrival!

Our classes are broken up into 6 sections:
Warm up - Warming up your muscles, taking your heart rate up, and mobilising your joints
Stress Bust - Combat style section where we punch and kick
BOOST your mood - Dance aerobic style section where we let go and have fun
Strength - We strengthen your body and mind
Shake it off - bringing your heart rate down and shaking off your muscles
Stretch - Osteopath developed stretch to lengthen your muscles and relax you

Our face-to-face classes are an hour long, but please turn up a few minutes before class so you can sign in and fill out our participation questionnaire.

We have classes all over Surrey, Kent and Sussex and Torquay and we are always growing. If you are interested in joining our team you can find out more information here

As long as you fill in the participation questionnaire and you have been told that you can exercise by your GP, then we would love to see you in class. Remember all our classes are done at YOUR own pace and are judgement and pressure free. Just make sure you have a chat with the instructor, and they can help you with anything specific.

We get it, and we have been there. BOOSTfit was set up to be an antidote to the gym stigma. There are no cliques at BOOSTfit just welcoming faces., Please wear whatever is comfortable for you, (just make sure you can move and you will need a pair of trainers, and take it at your own pace.

Our face-to-face classes cost £7 or you can buy a class card for £39, which is for 6 classes. There is nothing worse than signing on for a block of classes then not being able to make them all. Here we believe in flexibility which is why our block of classes never expire and can be used at any of our locations.