Inclusivity for ALL, stronger together and here for you. EVERYONE is welcome at a BOOSTfit class no matter your size, shape or fitness level.

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With heart-pumping popular music, stress busting beats and soul empowering songs BOOSTfit is on a mission to give your body and mind a workout you will never get bored of.

We take a variety of class formats and combine them to put a spotlight on your mental and physical wellness.

In a friendly, judgement and pressure free community we unite to give back and put some good into the world.

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Meet your BOOSTers.

Remember, EVERYONE is welcome at a BOOSTfit class. We are a fully relatable community with real people and real workouts. We aim to BOOST you, the rest of the class and each other in a fun judgement free atmosphere. Achieve your goals.

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Re Claim YOU!

BOOSTfit is about YOU, your goals and your fitness. You will be working with your body and your mind! We use music you will know and LOVE to empower you.

Want more? Find out what BOOSTfit gives you, and choose your perfect BOOST today.

Just like us, and our classes, our memberships are flexible.

Just like us, and our classes, our memberships are flexible.

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Remember we are here for you every step of the way and if you have any problems you can contact us on the Facebook group or pop us an email at