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We’ve got you! A community who really open up and share together. We laugh and cry together and build strong bonds and friendships as a result.

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Kindness is our Motto

Of course, if you just want to enjoy us for your fitness fix online or at our live classes we are also right behind you, we are all about celebrating individuality and accepting one another just the way we are.

Our online community has been our hub and lifeforce since COVID began and our mind and body fitness instructors and amazing BOOSTers have been working together to support one another and keep spirits high. It has an amazing effect on not only our mental health but our results too, we work together to achieve our individual goals and BOOST each other to succeed.

As the world opens up again, when the time is right, we will be re-introducing different events that run throughout the year. We have summer and Christmas parties, fitness and non fitness events and charity functions too.

Just like our classes you will find a welcoming and judgement free environment making it so much easier to show up and join in.

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