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We know that everyone’s goals at our classes are unique, however we want to take that journey with you.

If you have specific needs, always feel you can talk to us. All of the sections and moves can be amended to suit you even if you haven’t exercised since you were at school or if you have an injury or special requirement.   We love giving you a workout to suit YOU so never feel worried about approaching one of us for a chat before or after class.

We want everyone to feel welcome with no judgement, and trust us we know how hard it can be to walk into a room full of people you may or may not know.

 Our classes are unique: there is no drama, judgement or cliques, just a bunch of people that want to BOOST themselves in one class.


We have lots of ways we like to support you in class...


These are different coloured bands you achieve after you have completed a certain number of classes. They are there to remind you of just what you are capable of and what you can and HAVE achieved.  And please do not worry it’s not like any flower / pollen related loyalty card points: you do not need to rack up 400 classes to get a band, your first is given to you on your FIRST class.

(Tip: these bands also double up as a handy hair band if yours snap in class)


Maybe one of your goals is to drop a few inches or build muscle and tone?  Twice a year we offer an incentive to help you do just that, we take measurements (don’t panic this bit is optional!!!) then challenge you to attend a certain number of classes in a 6 week period to see how the measurements change, if you hit your goal you get rewards.  


It’s great to be in shape but don’t forget your mind. Exercise has been proven to help achieve good mental health and this is why we offer our ‘Get back to you’ incentive after stressful periods to encourage you to get rid of those stresses and remember that you are an important person who needs time for themselves.  Exercise releases endorphins (the happy hormone) and coupled with our stress bust section, boost your mood section and boost your strength section, it is a match made in heaven (ok maybe not heaven more like a sweaty class…..but who cares right???)


"Thank you so much BOOSTfit for helping get my confidence back"


Remember, if you are struggling now, there are always people who think you are important and as well as exercise to help your mind there are also these fabulous organisations who are worth a look at too. Don’t ever hesitate to contact them if you need to. After all that’s what they are there for.