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Our classes are as unique as you are, we know that your journey is individual to you and we want to support you with that, we are here for YOU.

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Judgement and stigma FREE zone

Please, please, always feel you can talk to us about anything and any specific needs. All of our workouts can be amended to suit you, if you have an injury, special requirement, or just haven’t exercised for a long time. We are committed to giving you a workout BOOST to suit YOU so always feel safe to approach us for a chat any time.

Trust us, we know just how hard it can be to start out, and either walk into a new class full of people, or log onto an online class for the first time. Please remember if you join us online you can leave your screen off, for as long as you want to, or for every time, we don’t mind, we just want you to be happy. For our face-to-face classes you can let us know it’s your first time and we can arrange for a BOOSTbuddy to meet you outside and go in with you. We pride ourselves on creating a judgment free, safe environment that you will immediately feel relaxed and comfortable in.

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Ways we support

Mental Health Incentives Always remember just how important exercise is for our mental health and the release of Endorphins (our happy hormones). Our 'Get back to you' incentive is there to encourage you to remember just how important you are and that you deserve to take time for yourself to look after you.

BOOSTbands Our different coloured bands are given out after you achieve a certain number of classes. They are there to remind you of just what you are capable of and what you HAVE already achieved. You will get your first band on your FIRST class to remind you, it’s not about how many steps you take, it’s about having the courage to take the first one.

Physical Incentives One of your goals may be to drop a few inches or to build muscle tone. Twice a year, (and only if you want to), we can take measurements and then challenge you to attend a certain number of classes in a 6 week period to see how your measurements change. If you hit your goal we will give you rewards.

Please remember, if you are struggling, there are always people who think you are important. As well as exercise to help your mind there are also these fabulous organisations who are worth a look at too. Please always contact them if you need to, that’s what they are there for after all.

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