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Here's why we keep doing what we're doing

“As a BOOSTer and BoostMe'er I am blown away by BOOSTfit's efforts to continue to deliver Workouts direct to our homes, which not only keeps us fit within our bodies but equips us with healthier mindsets too. I am amazed at how connected to others I have felt too, a very difficult task in a time when social distancing has been so prevalent."

I can't thank you enough. I've only been coming for 6 weeks and the difference is incredible. I suffer from depression and anxiety and was really struggling. From the very first class, I noticed a difference. I got home and felt chilled out for the first time in months. Now after coming twice a week for 6 weeks, the good days far outweigh the bad. My clothes are fitting much better and I have more energy. I'm actually looking forward to getting the Drop a dress Size measurements! Every single instructor is lovely and the classes are so friendly. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

“Oh my goodness I don’t think I could cope as well as I have without my wonderful BOOST. Even if it’s just a 30 minute class it’s my 30 minutes which may sound selfish, but we all deserve at least that amount of time for ourselves. I think everyone knows the benefit of exercise for mind and body but BOOST makes it fun. You feel part of a family who are there whenever needed with messages and kind thoughts, thank you BOOST for being there.”

“Classes at the push of a button. I can choose exactly what I want, in time, in intensity track listing. It has just been superb in lockdown to keep me focused, energised, feeling fit and strong. I love BOOSTme, as well as a wide range of classes. I get motivation and support from other BOOSTers as well as a team of instructors and everyone has some good banter!”

“BOOSTme has been amazing during lockdown! I love the variety, so many workouts to choose from and the lives are great too. An added bonus is the Facebook group...a really supportive group of people all having different experiences but helping each other when someone needs a bit of support and lots of laughs too.”

“It makes you feel great when you have completed a BOOSTfit class. I feel a little bit stronger after each one too. Best thing I did was come to my first BOOSTfit class this is the class for me”

“BOOSTme has been instrumental in keeping me sane and feeling positive during these challenging times. Whilst I’m desperately missing classes, this really is the next best thing and I still get to do it (virtually) alongside my best friend.”

“40 hours + of BOOSTme workouts is incredible, I am loving the fact that we as BOOSTers can build our own BOOST. Talk about being spoiled for choice.”

“That Monday morning feeling when you have done something for yourself. Yep, my back to back 1hr exercise is done and I feel like I can take on anything.”

“I’m excited to be Boosting tonight! Honestly this class is making such a difference for me both mentally and physically. Everyone is so lovely and accepting. No one judges or puts pressure on you.”

“BOOSTme has kept me on track and (not wanting to sound dramatic) helped me cope with lockdown and all of the fun of home schooling etc. It’s great for my mental and physical health.”

“You are the most incredible team...lead by the most inspiring women I have had the honour to get to know! Thank you for this honest post...and for transforming my life...physically and mentally...during this incredibly challenging time...”

“That was incredible! Not sure I have ever enjoyed exercise as much as this - I never believed that I would be able to complete the 2hrs but my goodness it was just so much fun!! Much love to you all ”